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Merit Badge Counselors

Are you an adult interested in becoming a merit badge counselor?  To qualify as a merit badge counselor, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old and of good character.
  • Be registered with the Boy Scouts of America (position code 42).
  • Complete Youth Protection training.
  • Be recognized as having the skills and education in the merit badge subjects covered and hold any required qualifications and training as outlined in the Guide to Safe Scouting or the Guide to Advancement—or use others so qualified.
  • Be able to work with Scout-age boys.

If you meet these criteria, fill out thie Merit Badge Counselor Application form and let our Advancement Chair know!

Troop 200 Current Merit Badge Counselors

* indicates Eagle Required Merit Badge

American Business Ken Crosson
American Cultures Ken Crosson
American Cultures Todd Adams
American Heritage Ken Crosson
American Heritage Todd Adams
American Labor Ken Crosson
Animal Science Tammy Rountree
Archaeology Jeffrey Grable
Archery Tony Vila
Art Julie Vila
Art Todd Adams
Astronomy John Vogt
Athletics Ken Crosson
Athletics Todd Flentje
Backpacking Ken Crosson
Backpacking Todd Adams
Basketry Bernie Adams
Bird Study Bernie Adams
Bird Study Ken Crosson
Bugling Rick Nebel
Camping * Ken Crosson
Camping * Rick Nebel
Camping * Todd Adams
Camping * Tony Vila
Chemistry Joanie Windley
Chess Jeffrey Grable
Chess Tony Vila
Citizenship in the Community * Bernie Adams
Citizenship in the Community * Jeffrey Grable
Citizenship in the Community * Ken Crosson
Citizenship in the Community * Tammy Rountree
Citizenship in the Community * Tony Vila
Citizenship in the Nation * Ken Crosson
Citizenship in the Nation * Tammy Rountree
Citizenship in the Nation * Todd Adams
Citizenship in the Nation * Tony Vila
Citizenship in the World * Ken Crosson
Citizenship in the World * Todd Adams
Citizenship in the World * Tony Vila
Coin Collecting Ken Crosson
Coin Collecting Tammy Rountree
Coin Collecting Tony Vila
Collections Ken Crosson
Collections Tammy Rountree
Collections Tony Vila
Communication * Jaiwant Jonathan
Communication * John Vogt
Communication * Julie Vila
Communication * Ken Crosson
Communication * Tammy Rountree
Communication * Todd Adams
Communication * Tony Vila
Computers John Vogt
Computers Tony Vila
Cooking * Bernie Adams
Cooking * Jaiwant Jonathan
Cooking * Joanie Windley
Cooking * Ken Crosson
Cooking * Niel Bornstein
Cooking Tony Vila
Crime Prevention Tammy Rountree
Cycling Ken Crosson
Cycling * Todd Adams
Cycling * Tony Vila
Digital Technology Ken Crosson
Digital Technology Todd Adams
Digital Technology Tony Vila
Disabilities Awareness Jeffrey Grable
Disabilities Awareness Tammy Rountree
Dog Care Bernie Adams
Dog Care Ken Crosson
Electricity John Vogt
Electricity Rick Nebel
Electricity Todd Adams
Emergency Preparedness * Jaiwant Jonathan
Emergency Preparedness * Ken Crosson
Emergency Preparedness * Todd Adams
Emergency Preparedness * Tony Vila
Engineering Jaiwant Jonathan
Engineering Todd Adams
Entrepreneurship Ken Crosson
Entrepreneurship Todd Flentje
Environmental Science * Joanie Windley
Environmental Science * Todd Adams
Environmental Science * Tony Vila
Exploration Ken Crosson
Family Life * Bernie Adams
Family Life * Ken Crosson
Family Life * Tammy Rountree
Family Life * Tony Vila
Fire Safety Ken Crosson
First Aid * Ken Crosson
First Aid * Niel Bornstein
First Aid * Pamela Flentje
First Aid * Rick Nebel
First Aid * Todd Adams
First Aid * Todd Flentje
First Aid * Tony Vila
Fishing Todd Adams
Game Design Ken Crosson
Game Design Tony Vila
Gardening Bernie Adams
Genealogy Bernie Adams
Geocaching Ken Crosson
Hiking * Ken Crosson
Hiking * Todd Adams
Hiking * Todd Flentje
Home Repair Ken Crosson
Home Repair Niel Bornstein
Home Repair Tony Vila
Insect Study Ken Crosson
Inventing Ken Crosson
Jornalism John Vogt
Law Jeffrey Grable
Law Ken Crosson
Medicine Ken Crosson
Movie Making John Vogt
Movie Making Tony Vila
Music Jaiwant Jonathan
Music Tony Vila
Orienteering Tony Vila
Personal Fitness * Jaiwant Jonathan
Personal Fitness * Ken Crosson
Personal Fitness * Tammy Rountree
Personal Fitness * Todd Adams
Personal Fitness * Todd Flentje
Personal Management * Bernie Adams
Personal Management * Joanie Windley
Personal Management * Ken Crosson
Personal Management * Tammy Rountree
Personal Management * Tony Vila
Pets Bernie Adams
Pets Julie Vila
Pets Ken Crosson
Pets Tammy Rountree
Photography Tammy Rountree
Photography Todd Flentje
Photography Tony Vila
Pioneering Ken Crosson
Programming Ken Crosson
Programming Tony Vila
Plumbing John Vogt
Public Health Ken Crosson
Public Speaking Jeffrey Grable
Public Speaking John Vogt
Public Speaking Todd Flentje
Public Speaking Tony Vila
Reading Bernie Adams
Reading Julie Vila
Reading Ken Crosson
Reading Tony Vila
Reptile and Amphibian Study Ken Crosson
Safety Ken Crosson
Safety Tony Vila
Salesmanship Ken Crosson
Scholarship Bernie Adams
Scholarship Ken Crosson
Scouting Heritage Todd Flentje
Scouting Heritage Tony Vila
Snow Sports Todd Flentje
Space Exploration Tony Vila
Sports Ken Crosson
Sustainability * Todd Adams
Swimming Ken Crosson
Traffic Safety Ken Crosson
Textiles Julie Vila
Theater Julie Vila
Theater Tony Vila
Traffic Safety Tammy Rountree
Water Sports Ken Crosson
Weather Tammy Rountree
Weather Tony Vila
Wilderness Survival Ken Crosson
Wilderness Survival Tony Vila
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